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The services industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world economy. It includes individuals and businesses that produce services rather than goods. The services industry involves in more contact with people than other industries in the economy. It’s human capital management remains as one of the most challenging ones with strict work schedules, irate customers and high expectations from management.

The Unique HR Challenges Service Industry faced:

  • Recruitment & talents competency – HR has the responsibility to select and recruit candidates who would match the skills, experience and attitudes required for a ‘service-based’ job. The important keys are not just qualifications but the ‘attitude’ and ‘people skills’ of the candidates. The way people look, dress, behave and present themselves are amongst the list of ‘soft skills’ required in services industry. 
  • Managing emotional labour – Emotional labour is crucial in frontline service because it can be problematic if not handled properly. Frontline employees who cannot manage their emotions when dealing with customers will put the company at risk. HR needs to create a platform for employees to discuss their issues and needs to create work-life balance which is increasingly crucial in today’s world.
  • Training & development – Training and development is part of the strategies to retain service employees. Managing frontline workers is proving to become more demanding especially when ‘people skills’ are concerned.

Inspire X70 integrates user-friendly interface and consistent layout design to help HR professionals effectively manage the diverse workforce and unique requirements in services industry.

How Inspire X70 helps you to management your human capital effectively:

  • Employee benefits administration – Ease your HR burden by saving time in managing benefit plans for your employee.
  • Time & Attendance – flexible tracking and record of employee check-in / check-out for shift differential.
  • Employee Scheduling – Conveniently manage employee scheduling of multiple work sites, shifts and job assignments.
  • Performance management – Facilitate ongoing coaching to nurture employee development and to keep their skills updated with market demands. Establish goals to encourage and inspire employees to achieve results.

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