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Designed For Food Processing Industry

Food processing industry faces the challenges of meeting customers’ requirements and strict government regulations on food safety. As a food processor, you need to offer great products while ensuring timely delivery.

The Challenges the industry faced today

  • Business growth – when business grows, complexity increases. This may result in lower product and services qualities due to insufficient inventory, missed delivery windows and so on.
  • Food recalls – contamination in food leads to food recalls and also affect the business operations as company is swamped with crisis management. Company needs business technology to optimize food traceability, inventory control, and response strategy.
  • Food fraud – mishandling and mislabelling are common in food processing industry. As consumer becomes savvy and more cautious, company needs to have strong product traceability system to avoid damage caused by dishonest suppliers or fraudulent products that are passed on unknowingly.
  • Food safety – company needs to take food safety into their own hands and mitigate any risk of foodborne illnesses without depending solely on government agency.

At the same time, you want to minimize costs while maximize profitability and keep up with competitions.

How SAP Business One Helps Food & Beverage Businesses Grow Faster while Maximizing Profit

  • Traceability & transparency – adapts to changing market demands around traceability and transparency faster with complete control of purchasing and inventory, as well as product planning.
  • Streamline operations – Accelerate order flow and delivery times to meet market demand and customer satisfaction.
  • KPIs tracking – Real-time data allows for tracking and responding to KPIs for continuous improvement.
  • Access to single source of information – work faster, smarter and more efficiently with accurate information to maximize profits.
  • Mock recalls – practice mock recalls and assess your company’s responsiveness to crisis. This prepares your company to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively to reduce the risk of damages to the minimum.

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